Week 26-27: The Dirty Double


As of last week, I am officially in my third trimester. That means the final hurdle. In less than three months, we will have a real live little baby boy child to take care of FOREVER. Do you know how long three months is? IT’S NOTHING. NOTHING. Impending babydom is approaching fast and me/us time is definitely numbered. Subconsciously I think I’ve been trying to cram in as much as I can, and unfortunately my poor blog’s taken the hit.

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last catch up post, as I’ve been reaping the benefits of working sociable hours again. For one thing, I can accept offers to do fun stuff. Trying to fit in family and friends seems like less of an errand that I have to dash off from. I’ve managed to fit in plans with pals, dogsitting, family birthdays, gettin’ me some culture and, of course, spending some actual time with Ally.

I guess I’ve fallen into that old clichéd trap of being so busy offline that I haven’t had as much time to blog about it. So, rather than try and run through a lengthy catchup blog, I decided a wee rundown was a much better idea. Partly because everyone loves a list, right? And also because I’d probably struggle to remember anything otherwise.

Fresh Air and High Spirits

Being outdoors and making plans has boosted my mood- and attitude to pregnancy- no end. I haven’t been able to make it to any gym classes during the day and by the time 5pm rolls around, my energy starts to flag. I’ve been making up for that by walking everywhere, and what better excuse to take advantage of all the parks on our doorstep? We had another visit from our favourite little houseguest and thankfully the weather held up long enough for us to take him to the park. Pollok Park in the south side is huge– as well as being home to a pretty spectacular museum, it’s also got some 360 acres of ground. Needless to say Lemmy had a ball, and so did we- I’ve spent so many weekends working that I’d forgotten what a proper Sunday was like.


I’ve become a bit of a convert to Sundays, I might add: last Sunday I spent some quality time with my family. The following Sunday I had a much needed catch up with Victoria, my spirit animal and one of my favourite humans for a long lunch The Glad Café. I’d never been despite nearly a year of south side living, and I’m SO glad I did. Genuinely can’t think of a better way to spend the afternoon than filling it with frankly enourmous sandwiches, coffee, cackles and a stroll around the park. After that, I was ready to take on the new week with a roundhouse kick right in the Monday.


It’s How You Wear It

I hated wearing anything fitted before I got a bump. I was convinced that they clung to all the wrong bits and that I looked stupid, that every time I heard someone snigger it was about me. Now I don’t give a shit. Half my wardrobe now is fitted- the more, the better. Baggy stuff makes me feel like a marquee. I still love my checked shirts and slouchy jumpers, but I’m also not averse to a bodycon dress. So that’s something. I also treated myself to some retail therapy (because I have no clothes) and bought everything in black, grey, burgundy and tartan. With my ever-growing bump I look like the marquee at a country fair and I LOVE IT.

27 weeks today and three days until I'm officially in my third trimester. Whelp. WHEN DID IT BECOME SIX MONTHS?!

Things White Girls Like

Clichés exist for good reason: more often than not, they’re actually true. Autumn is a white girl’s Instagram wet dream and I am entirely for it. Last week Claire and I caught up over pumpkin spiced lattes and a recap of the first Bridget Jones film (I warned you). Well, the new one’s coming out and I wanted to catch up. The entirety of my 20s happened since my last viewing of it so I wondered how it would stand up. OK, so there’s a lot I could pick issue with but ummff, I do not remember swooning so hard over Mark Darcy before. I’ve also enjoyed stepping in colourful, crunchy leaves while wearing loafers, taking pictures of my feet and writing in my unicorn journal. I guess sometimes you just have to own your cliché and be the best at it that you can be.

First day of autumn so obviously I had to take a picture of my feet in a pile of leaves.

 High Society Girl

Now I’m off night shifts and long weekends I’ve been able to make catch up plans with friends without worrying about swapping shifts or deciding how best to divide my time. Three days into my new job my best pal offered a free ticket for the first night of Trainspotting at the Citizens’ Theatre. I mulled it over until I realised that I didn’t have to and of course, said aye. It’s on until the 8th of October and I cannot recommend it enough. It hits a lot of similar beats to the book, but with the pacing of the film- and all with a core cast of just four. Seriously. It’s hilarious, bleak, horrifying and sometimes painful to watch but if you can get along, do it. Worth it for the performances alone. (Even if you miss it, I’d always recommend keeping an eye on the Citz- I’ve seen some pretty amazing work there).


Facing Fears
As well as this I volunteered at my first ever event at Glasgow Women’s Library: the silver themed Herland party celebrating the library’s 25th birthday. I’d been looking forward to helping out but there’d been a niggling on my mind- as there always is- about being alone in a crowd. Sometimes I can deal with it, sometimes I just retreat into a corner and scratch my arm ’til it’s red. Usually a social occasion means wine which means I’ll talk to anyone but without it I’m forced to rely on my own questionable charm. Everyone was super lovely, and I think I just about managed it. The whole event was wonderful and really showed how much of an impact the library has had. I felt proud to be a part of it, and even in my short time here I feel like I’ve become a more capable- and involved- version of myself. As for the being in a crowd part, well, that’s a work in progress. Overcoming social anxiety on my own is another part of pregnancy that I’ve had to adjust to, and I guess I’ll just have to muddle my way through it and not let it get in the way of saying yes to opportunities.

Last night's Herland Silverwear party was a pretty great introduction to my first proper @womenslibrary event.

TL;DR Highlights and Lowlights


The change in weather making the perfect setting for long afternoons outside. I hate going outside in summer so I get my vitamin D as of September.

Actually being able to make plans with my favourite people rather than cram them in around work or have to cancel last minute.

Settling into a work routine.


A return trip to the doctor after some (minor) health issues. I’ve never been one for going to the doctor even if I have to but since finding out I was pregnant, everything seems like a world-ending crisis.

I’m still no better at time management… I guess some things will never change.




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