Week 21: Middle of The Road

twenty weeks

Today marks the 22nd week of pregnancy and only about nine or ten weeks since I actually found out li’l bean was on his way. I feel like I’ve had a lot of catching up to do to make up for lost time: I’ve mentioned previously how overwhelming it was being launched into the end of the first trimester with little adjustment time. Since then though, we’ve had two scans (including the super-scary sounding anomaly scan) and numerous blood tests and everything looks- fingers crossed- like we’re all good to go.

As with most things (trying veganism, for example), I find it easy to keep track of progress ‘n things if I write it down. I feel like if I have a physical record of something, I’m accountable to it. I don’t know quite how many times I’ve rebooted My Fitness Pal for that very same reason. In order to try and cram as much missing information as possible, I scoured baby websites and apps and found a couple that were of use: namely the NHS’s Ready Steady Baby app, and the pregnancy tracker from Bounty.

Both of these are minefields of information: you’ll get a Ready Steady Baby book when you visit your midwife, it has a tonne of information on pretty much every question I’ve had so far and goes right through from pre-conception to the wee yin’s first year. Obviously this makes it pretty bulky, so it’s handy to have it in app form too.

Bounty is a really good site for covering most questions, tracking your pregnancy progress, researching baby names and everything in between. If you sign up to their mailing list you get sent a tonne of discounts, too. I used it to get £80 off my baby changing bag. Yeah, I know you shouldn’t go too nuts with buying baby stuff. Guaranteed if there’s anything you need, someone will donate it or know of someone who can. I dunno why the notion took me, but I hadn’t really bought anything and wanted to get something for my baby that was just from me. Plus it was SUPER CUTE.

baby changing bag

The Bounty app also works as a handy wee pocket journal. As well as a week-by-week guide on what to expect, it also lets you fill in sections on your feelings, mood, cravings, weight changes- everything. That got me thinking- it’s exactly the kind of thing that blogging lends itself to. It’ll actually make me write stuff and not think about it, at least. It’s nice to have a diary I can look back on, as well as being a way of sharing information and- like I said- it’s easier to track progress if I write it down. In any case, I figured if I have the platform- why not? I’m already halfway through so might as well get stuck in while there’s not much time to lose. Here’s some basic facts to get us started…

  • I’m roughly 22 weeks today and my due date is December 21st (and I’m hoping baby is more punctual than his perennially late mama, because my mum’s doing Christmas dinner this year and I don’t want to miss out).
21 week bump

Not that missing a meal would make the blindest bit of difference…

  • This is my first baby– like, ever. I’ve never had a termination or miscarriage, or even anything like a real pregnancy scare. Yup, first real pregnancy scare I’ve ever had and it turns out I’m actually pregnant.
  • We didn’t get our first scan until 15 weeks and 3 days since we were late finding out, so we discovered from the beginning that our li’l bean is a boy. Cue much relief from me as, having been a teenage girl, I know how awful teenage girls can be. Also I’m not into all that princess shit.
  • My boyfriend and I have been together for over three and a half years (in fact, our three and a half year-aversary was spent getting our first scan) and have lived together since October 2015.
  • We had our twenty week scan on the 3rd of August and it was pretty nerve-wracking. It’s also know as the ‘anomaly scan’, and looks for any major physical abnormalities. I had a look at the list of what they look for prior to my scan and it read like a list of unknown horror. Thankfully- after some jiggling around because we’ve got an antisocial bugger- everything was fine. It seemed scarier than our first scan because the whole point of it is to check for anything wrong, but I guess that’s only natural.

This week’s been a pretty hard going one, in all honesty. If there’s one thing I’ve realised it’s how much my mood, diet and energy levels are all linked. My energy’s pretty much in the toilet. I worked from Friday to Monday, night shifts and day shifts, and by the time my day off came along on Tuesday I was done. It had been a hard few shifts and Tuesday as my only day to do nothing… so that’s exactly what I did.


I never thought I looked my age ’til I saw this.

I like to think I’ve got a pretty thick skin and try to not let anyone else’s actions affect my mood or how I feel. However, a rough run of shifts, nasty customers and overall feelings of frustration left my mood a little low. It’s nothing I’m not used to- my mood peaks and troughs as the day goes on- but this week it’s taken a little longer to shake it off.

Thanks to over-tiredness, I haven’t been eating as well as I could’ve. Sugar? Yes. Entire tubs of yogurt? Yes. Doughnuts, chippy chips, entire tubs of jelly beans? Urgh just shovel it in my face, please. If pregnancy has made me aware of anything, though, it’s how much my diet affects my mood and overall energy sooo… I’ll start again next week. Thankfully I haven’t been to bad for cravings- mostly just cigarettes, wine and chippy chips. I could only indulge in one without feeling like The Worst Mother.

irn bru and chippy chips

Zero regrets about the chips though.

My physical health hasn’t been all that bad overall, but the last week has been pretty rough. I hate sitting doing nothing but, more than that, I hate night shifts dictating my day so I’ve been trying to get out and about as much as I can. I got sent home from work on Saturday so spent Sunday taking a run up the west coast for some proper fresh air. Not a bad exchange.

I was a wee bit worried that I’d gotten to week 21 without feeling a lot of movement. The wee man was jumping about plenty on the scan, so why couldn’t I feel anything? The midwife at my 20 week scan just told me he was still quite small. It wasn’t until my next appointment at 21 and 3 that I was told my placenta is at the front- basically acting as a cushion for the time being. I know I’ll regret saying this when he gets bigger and starts booting me from the inside, but it’d be nice to feel something!

I exercised a lot before I found out I was pregnant and it’s been hard to adjust to my new-found lack of mobility. Since I can’t do HIIT and heavy cardio, I’ve been sticking to weight training like body pump, body step (which doesn’t involve any running around), walking everywhere and my new-found favourite, aquanatal classes. I haven’t done too much this week though… seems to be a running thing. When I got weighed at 17 weeks they said I was 3lbs less than I was at the start of the year and my skinny jeans still fit me in the legs, so I think I’m alright for now.

TL;DR Highlights and Lowlights of Week 21

Highlights: Catching up with my family, which I don’t get enough time to do. Making a return visit to the Glasgow Pram Centre and finally getting one locked down (the Surf 2 Special Edition), my super cute new changing bag getting delivered from Kiddies Kingdom, taking a trip up the west coast with Ally and assuring my furry wee pal that he’s still baby number one.

baby number one

Lowlights: Mostly just work-related mood swings, overall ill health, crying without warning because I couldn’t decide between buying aforementioned changing bag or a Lime Crime Venus and Velvetine bundle, having to miss out on volunteering, my midwife appointment running over by 45 minutes meaning I had to cancel coffee and catch ups and it generally being a bit of an overcast one. To next week!



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