I’ve been trying my darndest to keep up with blogging regularly. So far I’ve managed three weekly posts in three weeks which, for me, is actually pretty productive. Not to mention my other attempts this year: whether it’s been my travels to Oslo or Berlin, a reaction to the treatment of zero hours workers or my most-read post to date, a reflection on figuring out the uncharted waters of pregnancy.

The online world seems so oversaturated with bloggers that it can feel a little daunting, or even intimidating, trying to get yourself heard. I first started blogging in 2009 (an actually-not-terrible account of my film and TV habits but with a fairly offensive colour scheme). Do I wish I’d kept it up way back? Well yeah, when you see what other people have achieved in less time. The platform was practically in its infancy back then and carving out a place might’ve been easier to do.

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You would think, after school, college, an undergraduate degree and finally a Masters, that the art of studying and preparedness would have been honed down to a finely chiselled point. I always presumed that Masters students were the cooler kids of the academic hierarchy, the ones who wear all black and huddle together to smoke those really thin cigarettes and talk in depth about politics and literature and social injustice and knew what they were talking about. They were experts in their fields. They had it together.

Or so I thought, until I became one.

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Well, that was quite a week.

After starting off somewhat middling- I’m about 2/3 of the way through my middle semester in uni, it is what it is- I was finally feeling a little smug about getting assignment work started early. I have six assignments due in the space of two weeks and I tend to fly pretty close to the deadline. For the first time since I’ve been in education I had started on three of ’em and was pretty proud of myself.

Then BOOM. I went home, tipped my bag out and my USB drive- the device upon which my life depended- was gone. I spent a full evening and the following day checking everywhere: the security office, every classroom I’d been in, every reception desk in Caley Uni- which is a lot- and even walked up and down my route to the train. I’d done a dramatic sweep of all the crap off of my bedside table and achieved an awesome sense of drama, but not much else.

In the meantime, I was also getting a bunch of job rejections, which sucked. Since finishing up at the film festival I’ve been looking for something, anything, that I can fit around uni for at least the next couple of weeks. Dissertation term doesn’t count, obviously, that’s like free time. I didn’t have a whole lot else to do with my time since I couldn’t exactly go out spending money. Plus the weather was shit.

Underwhelming eclipse photo.

Underwhelming eclipse photo.

It took a full couple of days of walking around in a grey cloud- in my mind and, y’know, the weather- before the sun broke. Walking around feeling crappy wasn’t making me feel any better. It just made me feel more crappy. Moaning about my lost USB wasn’t going to get any more work done. I looked at how much work I had lost, and it was nowhere near as much as I thought. I was a week behind at the most. I got a call for a job interview. Not such a bad humpday after all.

Slightly more whelming eclipse photo.

Slightly more whelming eclipse photo.

Then, today, there was an eclipse, and that was kind of cool. It was officially the first day of spring. After a long ass winter, it was nice to feel some warm sunshine and not that lying bastard winter sun that just makes driving hard. Then, out of nowhere, I got a phone call from uni saying my lost USB had been retrieved. I’m not one for getting all deep and writing down feelings, but it’s always nice to end on a high note. There’s definitely a shift in the air. Plus once it gets heavy into spring, I can crack out my pastel lilac skinny jeans again, they’re just not a valid winter option. Happy Friday!

Words to end the week on indeed.

Words to end the week on indeed.

Here we are again.

Once more I find myself guiltily apologising to no one in particular about my lack of activity on this sweet little blog of mine. A quick swatch of my last post notified me that it was written on September 8th 2014.

Didn’t seem like too long ago, right? WRONG.

September is not, as I though, ‘just a few months ago’. It is in fact SIX MONTHS AGO. It’s partly my own fault- I’m of the opinion that it was only New Year a few weeks ago. I’m still bearing the brunt of holiday weight and have been telling myself it’s OK, it’s not like I’ve had THAT much time to recover. Turns out I have.

I’d actually written a lengthier post that I was going to drop, detailing my whereabouts the last few months and why, when it comes to making myself write for fun, I tend to fall apart like a bad sandwich. I thought it had autosaved. It hadn’t.

So here we are again.

The point of the last post, for fans of brevity, was that previous efforts at blogging have faltered because I tend to get distracted writing about just one thing. I loved blogging about film at uni, back in 2009 when I still had to explain that it was short for ‘weblog’. When I graduated, I stopped, because quite simply my cinema habits had dried up in the last dying light of my degree.

When I rebooted this bad boy, I was committed to being vegan for a while. I tried hard, I really did. This was great for keeping myself on track, sharing recipes, making admittances to finding things hard and how I resolved cravings for cheese (at original time of writing, nothing. Now, Violife. Violife is queen). Once I started juggling a Masters degree with two jobs, I had less time to cook things from scratch and, yes, fell off the plant based wagon on occasion.I was tired of feeling guilty about it, and foodie things were taking up less of my time, so I stopped.

That’s basically what was a 600 word apology condensed into two paragraphs. The final thought, then. Why now? Why kick start a dormant blog? I believe the answer lies in the previous paragraph. “Masters degree”. I’m hurtling towards the end of my second trimester. The D-word is becoming a very real threat (starts with D, rhymes with shmissertation, don’t say it out loud). I want to be a good student and say I’m casually picking up my blogging habit because I’m studying journalism and it’s good to write.

This is partly true. But, like all of my assignments this year, it’s split 30/70, and it’s 30%. The other 70%?

I have five assignments due in the next month. Don’t say I don’t know how to do work avoidance properly.