Intermediate German Zwei

So it turns out it’s pretty hard to fit every recommendation for Berlin into one blog post. I’d thought it would be relatively easy to sum up since Oslo took up a mere one post to itself, but y’know, sometimes it’s only when you start writing that you remember everything else that you did.

There’s so much to do and see in Berlin that, even after two trips (for me) and three (for Ally), we still haven’t covered everything. The museums, for example. Berlin has an embarrassment of them and it’s hard to narrow ’em down. The Spy Museum (my personal choice) and the Computer Spiele Museum (Ally’s choice) just missed the cut. However, at the latter they have a game where you and a partner have to see who can hold on to a joystick the longest while it shocks you and that appeals to everything in me. We did manage to get to The Dali Museum near Potsdamer Platz though, which was pretty awesome.

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