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I’m jumping straight back into the #ggblogchallenge after doing my usual and taking on more than I can actually do. I’ve been helping to edit a video for my volunteering job, which I sold on the basis of an undergraduate degree in film and a job editing films for an arts charity.

Which was two years ago and used a way more basic system than Final Cut Pro.

Which I haven’t used since my first year of uni in 2010.


In between an unwavering certainty that I’m going to be mistaken for a fraud I’ve had nagging tooth trauma- which even after a filling, scale and polish actually feels worse. The only consolation is that it’s free for all expectant and new mums, so I can’t fault that. I’m wondering how much the free dentistry covers- if I can get a nice, white filling, can I get a silver tooth? Instead of a scale and polish or an extraction, can I get Invisalign braces? After all, the only silly question is the one we don’t ask, right?

Anyway. Back to the challenge. I’ve jumped ahead to day eight (whoops) because it took me all my time to post day two, and I guiltily read my fellow bloggers’ favourite recipe posts whilst nose deep in a box of Papa John’s jalapeño poppers. It was like a feedbag, honestly. As for the favourite artist/song post, I could never have picked one anyway*

*although this comes pretty close.

So, without further ado and a heartfelt apology at my tardiness, enjoy 15 interesting facts about me.

My aforementioned undergraduate degree was in Digital Film and Television, which I followed up three years later with a Master’s degree in Creative and Cultural Business. This was also after I’d moved to Aberdeen aged 17 to study English and Film Studies but literally only did so as it meant I could get my own flat. This was a terrible idea and I often wish I could’ve told teenage me to slow her role.

I’m long sighted in one eye and short sighted in the other. It’s not a super power like it sounds, it’s just a buggerance.

When I was eighteen months, I won a baby photography contest and was named cutest under five in the west of Scotland 1989. It was the beginning and end of my pageant career.

I wanted to be left-handed when I was younger so wrote with it until I got into trouble about my handwriting being such a mess.

My first job after graduating from my undergraduate course was as a trainee on a feature film. It was one of the toughest gigs of my life but when you’re fresh off the production line- in an industry where you get by on reputation- you don’t want to rock the boat too much. That, coupled with an extended stint on a TV drama, were the reasons why I stepped aside from that side of the industry.

I’ve always been fascinated with history and remember taking a particular interest in the women’s suffrage movement. When I was eight, I dressed up as Emmeline Pankhurst for the Brownies Hallowe’en party. No one knew who I was.


I’m a vegetarian and have been for the best part of twelve years. I also tend not to eat eggs (apart from that one time with brunch), I don’t drink dairy milk and only really have cheese on the odd pizza.

I used to play the piano pretty well.

I also did taekwondo for about five years and got as far as my black belt grading, before ditching it in favour of no hobbies and a fondness for school kid specials from the chippy.

I’m a natural blonde but have also been black, grey, blonde, pink, purple orange, green and various shades of red.

The first concert I ever went to was the Spice Girls. When I was 10 it was the greatest thing ever. When I grew up I realised that they’re actually atrocious.

One time Oliver Stone visited my uni, told me I looked like Lady Gaga (see ‘blonde’ above) and then went “got your nose!”. I don’t think he gave it back.

The shortest job I ever had was three hours, when I was 14, in the chippy near my house. I had to wear a red and white stripy apron and among damages listed “sweeping the floor, emptying the pan into the bin, realising it was a bin full of pizza flour and scooping it out before anyone noticed”.

At one point I had eight body piercings in the lower half of my face alone. These days I’m pretty sensible and am down to just three.

I can turn my hand around a full 360 degrees when it’s on a flat surface. It’s super gross.

And, finally, the challenge asketh for a picture of me as I am now. So here I am editing at half 10 at night, trying to get a mild buzz off of caramel flavour green tea.



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