On Goals vs. #Goals


I’ve been lagging behind in blogging lately- I know, boo, hiss. I said I was going to keep it up during September and signed up to the #ggblogchallenge to prove my dedication. Like everything else- and as you’re about to find out- life just, uh, found a way. Other things happened and I didn’t plan properly. After a week of work training, I was ready to jump back in. When I saw what the prompt was for the day, it really got me thinking.

Tell us about your next big goal and why it exists.

In all honesty I find all the recent #goals chat really tiresome. #squadgoals is, without a doubt, the most obnoxious thing I’ve ever come across. On the internet, that’s actually a pretty huge achievement. ‘Goals’ has gone from something aspirational to a by-word for your own lot not being good enough. Other people’s hair, make up, clothes, homes, relationships, general lifestyles, they’re all #goals. Honestly? I call bullshit. Your goals shouldn’t be the highlights reel of someone else’s life. They shouldn’t be dictated by terrible Pinterest worthy quotes. You know the kind: they’re usually composed of two or three different fonts, or random capitalisation, on a back ground of an open road or a hot air balloon floating perilously out of range.

I’ve never really been one to set ‘goals’ too strictly. If I commit to something then yeah, I’m all for it: I’d see a completed assignment as a goal, or finishing a job application in time, or starting to clean my kitchen and seeing the job through. Goals are, for me, things that I start doing and finish because for whatever reason I have to.

In order to get some order to my goals, I even went and bought the Daily Greatness Journal a few months ago. I dropped more money than I ever would on a notebook- and I love me a notebook. Still I convinced myself it was worth it because I’d definitely write in it every day. By the end of it, I’d look back at the me who started and smile knowingly at how far I’d come. I wrote out my blueprint for greatness, what I wanted to achieve in different areas of my life and what I was going to to do get there. Career? Health? Wellbeing? Relationship? I’d summed ’em all up into handy box form, ready for transformation.

Then, well, I came back from Berlin and you can probably guess the rest.

The #ggblogchallenge started off as a goal for me, albeit an extremely ambitious one. September has been a bit chaotic so far- I can actually fully believe it’s been 17 days. It feels like more. I’ve definitely fit more than 17 days’ worth of stuff-doing into it. Starting a ‘blog every day’ challenge would be heavy going at the best of times but in between working full time bar shifts, editing, starting a new job and catching up with life, I’ve been pretty far off the mark. Today’s prompt struck a chord with me. My goals have changed a lot over the last few months and I haven’t even thought about them. To be honest, I’ve been too busy trying to reorganise my everyday life.

It’s hardly the most exciting thing to write. We only have a few months ’til parenthood beckons so I don’t even know what my next milestone, whether it’s an actual goal or a #goal, would be. Most people’s goals are at least remotely interesting, like ‘put a deposit down on a house’ or ‘bag that dream job’. I’m putting the job hunt on hold just now, for obvious reasons (it’s painful as there are so many right now that I’d love, but with three months until my due date it’s probably not feasible). My new job isn’t all that bad- I’m still in training anyway and I’m learning new stuff every day, which I wasn’t doing in bar work. We’re not exactly going to be in the market for buying property. Health goals are pretty much just maintain a certain level of health and cross my fingers that pregnancy doesn’t turn on me.

If we’re talking bigger picture, I guess my next big goal is just to be content in the knowledge that I’m doing my best. No, I’m not where I thought I’d be but nothing is going to change that. I want to make the best that I can out of pregnancy and be a good mum at the end of it (of course). I want to get better at writing and blogging, and that means getting better at scheduling. I want to work hard and get good at the job I’m doing. In the back of my mind, though, I know other things are going to nag at me. Probably something job or financially related or to do with my perception of myself. My image, my abilities, my creativity, whatever. I want to get less caught up with stumbling blocks spelling the end of a bigger picture, but not get so consumed by a bigger picture that I forget to do some living on the way. It’s going to take a bit of an overhaul though, and as with any challenge, I’m probably going to make mistakes as I go. If I can remember that I’m doing what I can one day at a time, that’s as good an aim as any for me.



  1. September 20, 2016 / 12:58 pm

    I couldn’t agree more with your last paragraph – I was reading through your post and thinking it sounds like she is doing loads already, give yourself a break over not keeping up with the blog challenge. It is so hard sometimes to just keep on top of things, let alone achieving all the goals we set ourselves! Sounds like you’ve got loads of things happening. Do you read the blog hjartesmil.com? She just had a baby and in the run up to the actual birth she wrote a lot of posts on making sure she wasn’t taking on too much – you might find some of them interesting. 🙂 xx

    • September 21, 2016 / 10:05 pm

      Sorry for the late reply, lovely! Thanks for the tip! I definitely need to get better at organising my time and not spreading myself too thin. It’s just frustrating! I think a lot of that can be universal though, we’re all too hard on ourselves for the things that we don’t do! Xx

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