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I’m not great with personal statements so you’ll have to bear with me on this one.

My name’s Ada, or Adrianne, if we’re being formal. I’m a thirty *ssh* year old Glasgow girl living on the city’s southside with Ally, my boyfriend of nearly four years, our stag’s skull named Winchester and our collection of action figures… oh, and we just became first time parents to our little boy, Lucas. He’s the reason why I reignited my love for blogging so I guess I have him to thank for all of this.

My blog started life to help me document my attempts at veganism, but I quickly realised I wasn’t enough of a foodie and rarely, if ever, follow recipes so I scrapped that idea in favour of general lifestyle things. I picked it up again in 2016 thanks to a lack of creative fulfilment elsewhere and, what d’ya know, it’s still going strong.

I studied events, PR and creative branding at Master’s level but I haven’t yet caught the big fish. In the meantime I’m taking some time out for maternity leave. I’ll be documenting how I get along- for better or worse- and using my blog as a sort of visual record of our little family. As well as this I’ll also be including various lifestyle posts, film chat, reviews, rants, random list based posts and (hopefully) a bit of an improved structure.

I enjoy damn good coffee, David Lynch, reading, collecting tattoos, 80s action films, all things cult and horror, feminism, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, pop-punk, The X Files, autumn (the basic is strong here), my dog and cruelty free living.

You can also find me here if you’re so inclined:

Instagram: @adalovelace_x

Twitter: @adalovelace_x

Snapchat: @adalovelace_x (spotting a pattern here?)

Facebook: facebook.com/ada.calgie

E-mail: ada@adalovelacex.co.uk



    • July 30, 2014 / 10:26 pm

      Thank you! 🙂 I’ve neglected the poor thing lately due to starting a new job but I’ll resolve that issue very shortly! x

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